About Us

SeashellsbyShelly Rock & Crystal Shop (Rocks & Tools Inc.) is a family owned rock shop located at 2625 County Road 37 NE, Monticello, MN  USA.

Our brick-and-mortar rock and crystal shop is open every Sat, 11 am-5 pm, Sundays 12-3 pm, Mondays 12-4 pm, Fridays, 3-6 pm.

Our website is open 24/7 : )

Our inventory is constantly changing, with new items every week.  Make sure to check this website often, as we're growing and adding new products all of the time!
There are many items (jewelry, crystals, minerals, rough rock) that we don’t have time to post! Let us know if you’re looking for something specific, there's a good chance we have it.  Our shop is 2000 sq feet and filled with tons of rocks, crystals and agates, stone carvings, fossils, and more!

We also host Live/online Facebook sales from our rock shop every week! The FB Lives are a lot of fun! Shipping USA wide, starts at $5, we also offer porch pick up, or pick up on Saturdays/Fridays/Mondays at the shop. For more information on Live Facebook sales, find us https://www.facebook.com/seashellsbyshelly   just copy the URL / address into your browser.

Follow SeashellsbyShelly on on Instagram and TikTok. We also sell a few items on eBay. 

Thanks for checking out our website, we hope to see you soon, online, or in the shop.

Rocks and Crystals = good vibes!

Sally and Brad